Beartown Building is owned and operated by David C. Pendleton II.  Born and raised in
Southwestern Vermont, David is a 1990 graduate of Arlington Memorial High School.  He
continued his education at Colorado Aero-tech, receiving a certificate in airplane

While attending school in Denver, Colorado, David was employed by a local contractor.
Upon returning to Arlington, he soon began working for contractors in the area.  Realizing
his abilities and desire to be an entrepreneur, David began Beartown Building.
He became incorporated in 1999.

Starting out, David kept it simple.  He did mostly renovations, roofing, and tile work.  
Continuing to add to his repertoire, Dave became a certified Model Floor Installer.  
Eventually projects became bigger.  Additions on houses included plumbing and electrical.

David has continued to build his business in the past few years by expanding into
excavating, bulldozing, foundations and septic systems.

Beartown Building's reputation has been built on the highest standards for finish work
and the commitment to customer satisfaction.  Almost 15 years after Beartown Building
began, the business is still growing strong.   David hopes to continue Beartown Building
for generations to come.
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